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My Character Sketch :)

Recently our teacher gave us a homework assignment on a book we recently read called “Seedfolk”. For our assignment, we had to choose a character in the book and write a character sketch on it. Here is how mine sounded like:

Wendell is a Caucasian man who is in his mid 40s. He use to live on a farm in Kentucky but now he lives on the bottom floor in an apartment building in Gibb Street, Cleveland, Ohio. Wendell is probably health and strong considering the fact that he works as a school janitor and does a lot of physical labour on school property. Due to many tragic events that had taken place in his life, (son was shot and killed while his wife died of a war wreck) he now becomes lonely, moody, lazy, sad and somewhat depressed. He does not like to be connected to the outside world because he feels as if all his hopes and goals were gone when both his wife and son died. Therefore he doesn’t like to pick up the phone and hates phone calls that wake him up because he is scared that he might receive bad news. Wendell is very kind and helpful because he keeps an eye out and looks after Ana (an old lady who lives in the same building as him). He also is friendly to little kids and seems to know what they are thinking inside their brains. Such as when he saw Kim for the first time, he smiled at her to show that he was just going to water her plant, not jump up and grab her.

When the beans grew and came up from the earth, he felt like he witnessed a miracle. Usually beans do not grow in May but during warmer months, such as in June or July. At that time, he realized that the saying “And a child shall lead them” meant. It became clear that Kim could make a positive change in the whole community by just planting a few lima bean plants. It made Wendell believe that impossible things can come true and become reality. After saying ‘There’s plenty about my life I can’t change. Can’t bring the dead back to life on this earth. Can’t make the world loving and kind. Can’t change myself into a millionaire. But a patch of ground in this trashy lot- I can change that”, he decided the might as well put all his time and efforts into something that he can change such as the garbage lot, rather then just sitting there and thinking about his regrets in life. Kim’s actions inspired Wendell to start clearing the junk to create a mini garden in the same lot where Kim planted her bean plants.

Wendell is the person who started the garden. He was the first person to actually create a plot to plant crops. Even though Kim was the very first person to grow beans in the lot, she didn’t really start the trend of creating a garden until Wendell got inspired. Through transforming the empty garbage lot into a friendly garden filled with people socializing, many characters in the story start to develop a stronger and united relationship. At the start of the book, Wendell was a lonely and depressed man who walked around aimlessly thinking about people who he had lost in the past. During the transformation of the garden, not only did Wendell regain his former true self, but he also was able to move on from what happened in the past into the future. He stopped feeling sorry for himself and stated living a life to the fullest. The garden transformed many people’s lives and made them realize that even though they all come from different backgrounds and speak different languages, they all can become one united community,


   Elmo Monster wrote @ June 5th, 2010 at 11:07 pm   

Wow, this character sketch is amazing. Great job using examples and explaining the change in him. I didn’t really understand the task when we did it, so great job!

   Blazin “X” wrote @ June 5th, 2010 at 11:45 pm   

Good job on your blog! I esp liked it when you talked about Wendell’s past life and all the helpful things he does like looking after Ana. Thanks for sharing:)

   Terminator-T wrote @ June 6th, 2010 at 6:44 pm   

My character was…………………. Never mind
awesome blog.

   ﹏ღDâηïél.❤ツ wrote @ June 9th, 2010 at 8:18 pm   

That’s a great character sketch of Wendell! Wendell was a very good man I must say. :)

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