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Would you say awww or stay away?

When you see something you like would you buy it ? If you see a helpless animal would you help it ? If you see something cute would you go awww ? If you see a skunk would you run ? how about a beehive ? a puppy at the store ?

Well recently , I’ve been to the Ontario Science Centre for summer camp. Basically , the Science Centre has an area for you to eat outside and there is also a bird feeder for visitors to observe different type of birds. Instead of different types of birds , there are different animals. There were crows , squirrels and robins. Nothing speical right? Turns out not only were there birds but raccoons. It seemed like a daily routine , the first day of camp went I walked outside a saw one raccoon simply eating the bird seeds that had fallen on the ground. The next day , one more appeared with the mother. The following day , two more appeared with the mother and all of them were eating the seeds. You know where I’m going now right ? If not then , the next few days more of them kept coming and by the end of my camp. The whole raccoon family was eating from the simple bird feeder. Did I tell you , this wasn’t in the night time . This was actually in the mid-afternoon ! Well , would you say aww ? See such cute creatures out in the daytime eating from the ground. I was also able to learn a lot about them , raccoons are also quite smart , and can use their front paws to pry things open, turn knobs and handle objects. Racoons are omnivores and have adapted well to city life. Yes , these little creatures can be all fun and cute but they can also cause a lot of problems . They can get into chimneys are an open invitation , loose shingles and openings in attics, roofs and eaves, garages and sheds. Well , it not just raccoons that have adapted to the city life , but many wild animals as well. They have learned to adapt to the city because of the easy access to food , shelter and a limited amount of natural predators. So after all that would you still say awww or stay away ?

Are Exams A Little Too Much Pressure?

Hello 8J. I’m guessing you guys are probably focusing on other things but we haven’t posted anything for a while and I just wrote an opinion piece for English so here it is. It concerns exams so I thought we can all relate to it despite the fact that we go to different schools. I have a feeling a bunch of high school teachers are going to oppose everything I write completely so I’m gonna just step back a little and brace myself for impact. 🙂

Going into high school, I felt a dramatic increase in pressure as the homework piles sky high and our bedtimes are pushed aside for it. With all this, we freshmen are being introduced to the notorious exams that take place after each semester. These exams are usually worth large chunks of your final mark and are one of those make it or break it situations.

Last semester, I was faces with this issue and in terms of my marks, it went in an agonizing downwards direction. All those boring repetitive classes I dragged myself out of bed at 7:30 am every morning went to some distant galaxy. Each word I wrote on the exam papers felt like a step is being taking away from passing.

Exams can be worth anywhere from about 10-30% of your final mark. This semester, I have a big chunky exam for science worth 30%. I’d have to reload my brain with everything I’ve learned from day 1. My head is a stuffed luggage case that’s going to burst right open. In contrast with last year, there is a noticeable increase in pressure to do well in school. Imagine the stress of having approximately 56 hours of a class, and in the matter of about 2 hours of an examination period, a third of your grade would’ve been cemented.

Sure, we have exam review days, but generally they merely go on for a few days. It’s not easy studying months of work in such a short period of time. Teachers also advise us to look over notes regularly, but with the continuous flow of homework coming in that ranks higher in importance that looking over note, this has to be pushed aside. By the time I’m done with the mandatory homework, my eyelids already feel like 10 ton bricks.

Besides studying, we teens should also have some time of our own to spend. We’re living amidst the best times of our lives where we’re growing from children to young adults. Balance should be made between homework and personal time, but so far, our schoolwork seems to be dominant. Starting from second semester, the homework had taken up so much of my time, that my mom’s going to cancel our TV program because my time watching it has become so minimal. On several occasions, had I come straight back home to start with homework and continue till after my bedtime. In a way, it felt like I was living in a school.

Overall, exams during high school add on an enormous amount of pressure to students. It determines a large portion of your make in a very short period of time. In a way, it’s like a speed bump in our education that determines whether we’ll make it or lag behind.

My Escape

Haven’t really had anything posted for a while. But just finished this personal narrative for english class and so have a read, and comment if any 8J er’s are still out there. hehe. We had to use a lot of figurative language and all.

It was late into the year and my mother and I were trekking through the jungle of bright lights and endless casinos. We were in Vegas. The excitement was frolicking through the air. I gathered in a breath to remind myself where I was, and was hit by a truck of reality. Tonight my mother and I went to see Cirque du Soleil, a world famous Canadian circus playing at a towering hotel called the Mirage. The four letters L, O, V, E was splashed onto the hotel’s side. That’s the name of the show made to be based around The Beatles music. This city knows no night, for the lights at night shine just as bright as the sun does in the mellow mornings. It’s six-o’clock as the sun sets; the city’s slowly awakening from its slumber.

We rushed to the grand hotel, hands joined in a web of fingers. There the ticket booth sat, waiting for us. We handed in our tickets and progressed to the entrance. The excitement drew us closer. We found our seats on the balcony and waited for the show to begin. My camera stayed put in my bag, acknowledging that it was an unwelcomed guest. I have only my eyes to record what happens.

The show started off mellow and blue. Three or four performers began climbing a rope. Gravity seems non-existent for them as if they were in another world; the astronaut’s movements were in perfect sync. A Beatle’s song plays in the background. The ropes they’re climbing are so still it looks like a steel bar. Suddenly, the place ignites and explodes. The music dances wildly in the air. A party goes on.

I felt like Alice in Wonderland, as strangely dressed performers frolic about on the stage. I see a work of art in lively motion. Some are in the air, while others are hopping around. I frame this painting into my head.

I’m transported back to England during the war, as Eleanor Rigby plays. The mood changes in an instant. Everyone is in rags, dreary and moping. They were scattered like beads; my eyes skips and hops trying to take everything in as the performers bounced between trampolines like kangaroos. There was this brick wall and these performers punched through them as if they were a boulder. Everything was so weird that I lacked words to describe it. The gears in my head struggled to make sense of it all.

A car worked its way onto the stage for the next performance as Drive My Car plays. To my amazement, the vehicle broke into several pieces as I realized that tucked in the car were people holding each car part in place so it looked like a whole. I remember seeing the wacky performers sliding into the car’s front window like a CD slipping into the video player. I felt as if I was in the 70’s or some era that I didn’t belong to.

I recollected seeing squeaky yellow boots on the screen. A man has boots dangling on his puppet’s string. As he moves the string, an invisible figure starts moving. An angry squeaky boot dispute happens between another two people. I am drawn into this queer quarrel.

Yellow Submarine comes on. A tarp forms a vast ocean over the audience. The water is clear blue. Octopuses and jellyfish roam around the aquarium. I’m underwater. I looked to my mom and I felt glad to be enjoying this with her beside me. I was in some other world and my mind was taken with it. No longer was I flooded with life’s troubles. I was freed. I took my time roaming around in this strange world. I escaped and as I dived into the waters, I hoped that I wouldn’t be found.

Highschool Life is tough stuff

Crowds , endless work .

High school life is pretty much , the most important item needed in education. After high school is where students tend to fight for a spot in universities and colleges. High school isn’t taken too serious with some student but for some , its a matter of life or death. How can 4 simple year make such a huge impact in life?

Well , recently the stories that people around be have told about high school , is pretty much become a reality . High school life should be enjoyed during first year because teachers are easy on the students and everyone treats freshmen friendly but after freshmen year. Things aren’t going to go so smooth , as the years go on. More and more things are expected and higher expectation are require and must be reached. My are always teachers telling me ; remember this and make sure you don’t forget that . As the years go on , students become more familiar to the surroundings and teachers become more strict and careless about your habits . Everything soon become independent work , teachers no longer check if homework is complete or if time is spent productivity on an assignment . Teachers simply don’t seem to careless because they simply just assume that these thing are learned and practiced in the Junior years. Being a Senior , isn’t that great as students might think. Many of the younger students tend to look up to the older students as role models , more is expected from them for the students know the rules around the schools better. The same thing occurs with exams , when the exam schedule is being made. If a senior has four course per a semester , two of those course might even be on the same day. Teachers assume that seniors have enough experience to deal with two exams on one day.

One thing learned from this year , is if you don’t have homework and you’re just sitting around staring at a wall . It’s better to read ahead or just to do some review , don’t sit around doing nothing. High school life is tough stuff but its also a rough ride , not only does it provide stress . There’s also a lot of high school drama involved , but that’s another post for another time . Hope everything is going well 8jer ! 😀